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All Humans Are Born Creative

DEVELOP MY TALENT provides online products, courses and information to help develop talent, and enjoys connecting with those looking to get involved in creative hobbies for general well being, fun and personal growth. The platform also offers individuals  in the performing arts and creative industry, tools and techniques to build invaluable skills and knowledge, with an aim of maximising career success and support business growth.”   

About Us

Welcome to "Develop My Talent"

We offer YOU, the creative individual, an amazing opportunity to build your skills, knowledge and talents, together with helping to maximise your true potential.  Whatever your age or ability, whether you are wondering how can I develop my talent, or searching for new artistic hobbies for women or interesting creative hobbies for men, “Develop My Talent” encourages each individual to:-

  • Develop hidden talent and learn new creative skills; 
  • Explore new hobbies and interests to promote general well being; 
  • Build a successful career in the creative industry and much more ...     

Get Empowered To Take Action

Enjoy informative blogs, links and updates to relevant content that we hope will inspire, empower and inform, encouraging you to take action, and enjoy the joy of creativity.  

  • Gain knowledge and receive powerful insights into the creative industry. 
  • Enjoy discovering new ideas and well researched home training products to help further your talent. 
  • Receive latest cutting edge news about the creative, artistic and performing arts industry. 

Are you wondering, “How do I develop my music talent” or “How do I develop my singing talent” or  “How do I develop my talent in dancing” or “How do I develop ….??? “ You have come to the right place, as the aim of “Develop My Talent” is to support individuals looking to develop and succeed in the creative arts industry.  

Unleash The Genius In You

Creative Arts brings together diverse communities and cultures, and we believe it is essential to support all types of art, from theatre to dance, visual arts to digital arts, opera to jazz, film to literature, folk to traditional, healing arts to arts education, music to design and a whole broad range of artistic expression.  What is your goal:-

  • Enjoy a leisurely creative activity
  • Earn from a hobby 
  • Follow an artistic dream that ignites your passion
  • Enjoy personal growth by embarking on training courses
  • Develop a successful career in the creative industry

Our aim is to bring to you latest research,  explore creative hobbies, present new ideas and share knowledge, courses and products to help you unleash the hidden genius in you.



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